Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cancer and limiting beliefs

Today, I'd like to tell you how a highly respected physician's failure and frustration in attempting to cure cancer acted as a springboard to discovering what he'd sought for over 30 years.

His name is Seymour Brenner, M.D., FACR. The "FACR" means he was a Fellow of the American College of Radiology. Despite heading the largest radiation oncology practice in the nation, overseeing several hundred appointments a week, and using state of the art radiological equipment, Dr. Brenner was thoroughly frustrated and saddened because the cure rate for cancer had barely improved for 30 years.

He longed for an answer. That's why his offices kept buying the latest million dollar equipment. But repeated improvements in the equipment along with keeping up to date with the latest training didn't budge the cure rate more than a couple of percentage points.

Meanwhile, he witnessed patients and their families crying in his office.

Picture, if you will, devoting your life though years of education, spending millions of dollars, and decades of your life trying to help desperately sick people only to get more of the same disappointment patient after patient.

But Dr. Brenner kept that inner hope alive. As a result of his inner desire, when he was presented with an answer from a patient, he grabbed it.

Here is what happened. A patient of his had terminal lung cancer that had spread to his bones. Dr. Brenner had seen this type of case before. In every case, the patient died. In fact, his treatments in cases like that were to attempt to reduce the bone pain...not to cure the patient. Sometimes that worked.

Dr. Brenner had not seen John for a year. He assumed that John had died, as had every other patient in his terminal condition had done.

But on the fateful day, the former patient showed up in his office! Not only was he alive, but he was cancer free! Dr. Brenner was dumbstruck.

He asked John what he had done. John told him he'd been to see Dr. Emanuel Revici, who had an innovative treatment. Dr. Brenner picked up the phone immediately to make an appointment to see Dr. Revici.

At this point you might think "Of course he picked up the phone." Well, maybe not. I laid out this scenario to another doctor and asked him what he would do. He admitted he would not have picked up the phone. He wanted to see studies.

In other words, the limiting beliefs of that doctor, namely, "If it's not published in a study, it's not true," would have prevented him from uncovering the method that cured John.

Because Dr. Brenner picked up the phone, he was able to learn about and meet other patients who had also been terminal, but who were subsequently cured.

Dr. Brenner went so far as to independently research a number of cases where the results far exceeded his own in three decades of treating tens of thousands of dying patients.

But in a way, the phone was merely the natural outgrowth of Dr. Brenner's inner belief that there must be a solution. He always kept that belief in his heart and mind. As a result, when the opportunity presented itself, he was able psychologically to respond.

Opening ourselves to unlimited possibilities don't always happen over night. By keeping and sustaining our beliefs, sooner or later, the greater reality becomes ours.

The critical "take away" from this is to honor your frustrations while keeping your eye on your greater desire no matter how long it takes.

As a personal note, when I was in my mid-twenties, I had kidney disease. For months, I followed the instructions of a holistic physician. Many Saturday nights were spent by me taking hot sweat baths.

During those baths, as I markedly improved, I would have a strong realization that I wanted to make a difference by bringing the news of innovative medicine to others. Well, many years later it is happening...not in the way I had imagined in the tub but in a greater way.

All along I kept the dream alive although for many years I was frustrated much like Dr. Brenner was.

But the dream could not be denied. I wrote a book entitled The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, here you can learn a lot more about Dr. Brenner and Dr. Revici. This book has already been translated into Russian which resulted in a clinic being opened in Kiev.

When I was in the tub, Kiev never crossed my mind.

The best to you,

Kelley Eidem
Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!
Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

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