Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back pain and leg pain go bye bye!

First some related good news...the price of CoQ10 dropped dramatically about a month or two's about 75% to 80% lower than it used to be! I read about a year ago that a new manufacturing facility was to open in Texas. Apparently it has opened. Before all the CoQ10 was made in Japan.

As a result of the drop in price I decided to increase my dose from 100/200 a day to 400mgs a day to see if it would increase my energy.

Meanwhile, I'd been dealing with nerve pain in my leg due to a fall which had aggravated an old back injury since infancy that included poorly healed broken bones. Since the fall, I often needed a crutch and had great difficulty walking 100 yards.

In fact, I was looking forward to my appointment with the neurosurgeon...that's how bad my situation was.

Well, to my utter surprise, the CoQ10 did a lot more than increase my energy and help me to sleep better. From the very first day the burning nerve pain in my leg has been greatly reduced. Whereas the burning used to be almost all the time, now it's maybe a half-hour a day, and it's less distracting.

Also I can walk without having to think about every step. I can walk a few hundred yards without a crutch and do it more quickly.

I had no prior inkling that the CoQ10 would help me in this way.

I'm not back to 100%, but I'm postponing the surgery...hopefully forever.

I gave some CoQ10 to a friend who was suffering 24/7 from degenerative back pain down her leg that was made far worse from a physical therapy session.

Again, from the very first day of taking 400 mgs, her pain was greatly reduced. She only takes it intermittently now because she suffers from OCD and too much CoQ10 makes her a little hyper. She's trying 100 mgs but that doesn't seem to be helping her much.

I've read that super high doses of 1,200 mgs has helped Parkinson's patients quite a bit, so there is some evidence that it has a positive effect on nerves.

Also, a pharmacist told me that nerves contain fluid. When the nerves swell, it can cause pain that is untouched by NSAID's and heavy duty pain killers. Well, CoQ10 has been shown to be extremely beneficial for congestive heart failure, which is also a fluid problem.

So maybe the CoQ10 is affecting the nerves in a similar fashion. Maybe it's reducing the fluid swelling inside the nerves.

I don't know for sure. My preliminary Google search hasn't turned up anything other than the original question in this thread.

But it might be something to try for any nerve pain to see whether it would help or not. Remember, it did nothing for me as regards my pain and mobility when I took 100-200 mgs. So a half dose didn't produce a half benefit.

I'd be interested to hear if this works for anyone else. If it does, then this accidental discovery sure could benefit a whole lot of people.

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