Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Doctor who Cures Cancer, latest news

Three bits of news for you:

First, a customer by the name of Craig was impressed enough with the book that he overnighted his copy to Academy Award winner, Paul Newman. Craig then ordered a second copy for himself.

Meanwhile, the book climbed to #5 over at

Finally, Aaron Stanley has joined me in a joint venture to help me get The Doctor Who Cures Cancer into as many hands as is possible. He's handling the copy for the web page as well as the nitty gritty teckie stuff.

With his help I'm looking forward to when the book will be listed in the #1 spot.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem is he author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and It's Not Just For Sex

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

How I cured my stage 4 cancer, ya dig?

As strange as it might sound, I did indeed cure myself of stage 4 cancer. And I did it in two weeks. In return for sharing it with you, I'm going to ask you to be an angel and make a couple of extra clicks.

All right, here's the scoop. The reason you don't have a cure for cancer available in EVERY doctor's office is quite simple...not enough of us know about the existence of an actual cure.

Almost everyone thinks there isn't a cure for cancer "because there isn't enough money in it." That's partly correct...there's not much money in the cure. But there is a cure, just the same.

I know it sounds crazy, but there IS a cure. I know there's a cure because it saved my life.

So the only thing keeping it from you is this...the common belief says otherwise. We're going to change that starting right now. That's right, when you click, you're going to get the inside skinny on how I did cured myself.

Twenty years ago, we couldn't do spread a message unless we had tens of millions of dollars to do it...we couldn't change the world overnight.

Today we can. Today with the internet we can create an overnight sensation that reaches hundreds of thousands of people all at once. And then it morphs into a million and ten million.

Literally within days, you and I can shake up the world.

Only it's up to you. You're going to have to click on a couple links saying you 'Digg' an article...

When you do that, here's what happens. "Digg" notices that the article is popular and responds by putting the article on its front page...a top-ten, if you will.

That's where the juicy goodness takes over. Hundreds of thousands of readers will see it at that busy website. From there, it EXPLODES. Folks will pass it long to their email buddies.

What's wild is that it doesn't take a lot of Diggs to snag a top spot.

The next thing you know, almost everyone is hearing about it.

I mean, who doesn't want to know "How I cured myself of Stage 4 cancer in two weeks!" Before you know it, enough people will want to know how to do it to shake up the world.

But wait, there's more...more that you'll need to do, that is. Before I scare you off, all you'll need to do is just to fill out a couple boxes. But don't worry, no one will be contacting you. Your email box won't be stuffed with crap.

Nope. You simply click and click two times and then you fill in the boxes. That's it.

Please don't wait for the next visitor to do this...and remember, you'll get access to "How I cured myself of stage 4 cancer."

Pretty cool, huh.

So here's what you do. First you visit this page

Then you look over to your right under "Bookmark and Share" and click on the little drawing of the man with the shovel. That's the "Digg" link.

They might ask you for your user name and your password...stuff like that. It's no big deal.

Once you do that, you'll be done...and Digg will do the rest...they will spread the word among their millions of readers!

And you will have been the person who made it happen!

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and "It's Not Just For Sex!"

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maybe scientists should study home economics instead

Why are scientists often the last to 'know' stuff? Did we really need to spend money to discover what any good chef could tell you?

The following article emailed to me from provides further evidence for why I advocate using freshly grated garlic to help cure cancer and not any other form of it:

Fresh Garlic May Be Healthier than Bottled

The next time you use garlic for its renowned antibacterial effects, consider fresh garlic instead of those bottles of chopped garlic. Researchers in Japan report that fresh garlic maintains higher levels of a key healthy ingredient than preserved versions and may be better for you. Their study is scheduled for the June 25 issue of ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a bi-weekly publication.

In the new study, Toyohiko Ariga and colleagues point out that allicin is one of the main active ingredients in garlic. Other studies have shown that allicin has beneficial effects in preventing blood clots, cancer, and bacterial infection. Although commercially bottled garlic is often stored in oil or water, researchers did not know how various storage and preservation methods affect levels of allicin, which is fragile and disappears quickly.

To find out, Ariga’s group compared allicin levels in extracts of fresh garlic after 1-2 weeks of storage in water, alcohol, and vegetable oil. Garlic stored in water at room temperature lost about half its allicin in 6 days and garlic in vegetable oil lost half its allicin in less than an hour. The garlic lost its antibacterial action as allicin broke down. However, allicin broke down into materials that still are believed to have some anticancer and anti-blood clot effects.

For all the details on how I cured myself of Stage 4 cancer for less than a night at the movies, click here.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
William Kelley Eidem is the author of It's Not Just For Sex and The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

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