Tuesday, November 11, 2008


You probably heard the news about yet another deadly bacteria, c. difficile, that is wreaking havoc in hospitals, killing patients left and right. This time the story is true. The bug causes diarrhea which can be dangerous.

Thank goodness, it's easy to prevent and cure. Not with a drug, but with a 'bug.' The bug is friendly bacteria.

We're supposed to have 3 to 5 pounds of friendly bacteria in our body. Hardly anybody does though.

Here's the problem...we don't eat foods with friendly bacteria any more, unless you're making homemade sour kraut. ;-) If you show up in a hospital after being depleted for weeks or months of good bacteria, and then they fill you full of antibiotics, you might want to notify your next of kin - to quickly get you some probiotics.

Oh yeah, it the hospital, they'll probably give you Prilosec, too, without your knowing it. That practically guarantees you're going to get sicker by messing up your pH, thereby promoting the death of any good bacteria in your system.

But that's okay (Not really). My favorite probiotic is PB-8, which is widely available in health food stores. I've heard good things about Dr. Ohiras probiotic, too.

Every person should be taking a top quality multi-probiotic...or making and eating sour kraut (It has to be homemade.) :-)

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

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Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and It's Not Just For Sex.
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