Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crestor Miracle? NOT SO FAST!

Crestor News Full of Baloney

Here's the general rule when it comes to so-called news on drug studies. The more publicity attached to the story, the more likely you are to get bad information.

Today's example of that is the Crestor report claiming it's the greatest thing since sliced bread for preventing heart attacks. So good in fact, that the study was "ended early."

If you fall for that...and who wouldn't...I've got some swamp land you'd love to buy.

Crestor has a history of causing kidney failure at higher doses...75 TIMES HIGHER than other cholesterol medications! So if you are paying for the study, you don't want to risk continuing when you've already got the results you want. Yes, the study was funded by the makers of Crestor! So they could stop the study magically whenever it was looking good for them.

Crestor also has a history of a deadly side effect called rhabdomyolysis, higher than the now banned Baycol! The lower dose hadn't produced that result...yet. So once again, shortening the study served AstraZeneca quite nicely.

Now for the magic benefit: it takes 120 Crestor patients to prevent one heart attack. In other words, it takes $170,000 worth of Crestor to prevent one heart attack. Some miracle that is!

A couple years ago, a major study found that heart attacks could be cut in half by taking 800 mgs of folic acid each day for a few cents a day, instead of the highly risky Crestor for $3.50 a day!

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Do yourself a favor and add folic acid to your daily regimen if that's what you want to do. Crestor? Like Baycol, only maybe worse.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Cases of serious Crestor-related side effects began surfacing even before the drug was released on the global market. (As reported in PharmaLive: “The rate of reports of kidney failure or damage among patients taking the cholesterol drug Crestor is 75 times higher than in all patients taking all other statins, according to a Public Citizen analysis of government data.”) The reports of 65 Crestor-related cases of rhabdomyolysis in the United States is a rate approaching that of Baycol which was taken off the market for that very reason. As a result, two major U.S. insurance companies, WellPoint, and Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound, have refused to reimburse for Crestor citing Baycol as a precursor.

The best to you.

Kelley Eidem
Together we can cure cancer - one person at a time!

Kelley Eidem is the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and It's Not Just For Sex.
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At December 7, 2008 at 12:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankyou for explaining straight to the point. Saving one event for 170,000$... shameful.

At December 30, 2008 at 12:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great info! Those with high cholesterol due to kidney disorders should not take any statns-only red yeast rice along w/CoQ10 to protecy muscles. It's a shame that Dr.'s aren't traines in natural or alternative therapies! We must do our own research tp prevent disease and maintain health.


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